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August 7, 2019

August 2, 2019

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Settling in the Right Way

November 1, 2018


So, you’ve aced your interview and landed the job – congratulations!🎉But the journey isn’t over just yet. After meeting lovely people working at the company, you know that’s where you want to be, but those first day nerves could still make an appearance. So how can you overcome them and make the most out of settling into this fantastic opportunity? Here’s some pointers to make the transition as smooth as possible.


Planning & prepping 📚

A basic but beneficial step is re-reading the job specification and your job responsibilities. This way you’ll know what the first few days tasks will entail and should remind you of any questions that you may want to ask.

Planning your journey is also important – don’t panic about being late on your first day so leave with plenty of time to spare.

Thirdly, unless you know the area well, you may not be aware of any local places to eat nor how long it takes to get there from the office. Conduct some research on the local area beforehand by visiting the area on your day off or using online maps to look at places to eat. It may be a good idea to take lunch with you for a couple of days until you know there are good places to eat.


If you don’t ask, you don’t get ❓

There is a lot of truth in this saying and this applied to this situation too. For example, asking colleagues where is nice to go for lunch in the local area or what there is to do around there can create win-win situations. For one, it can help to stimulate conversation, making you seem friendly and approachable, and two, could potentially get you an invite to lunch (plus you get to know where the best places are to eat – an added bonus!).

Another good thing to do is get connecting. Whether you like it or lump it, tech is heavily involved in everyday life now, including social media. LinkedIn is one of the best platforms to have when going into a new job as it allows you to make connections and build your network that could help in the future. Adding people on the network can also help to put a name to face which can be particularly helpful when starting at the company. So, ask to connect with people on LinkedIn, it will help you in the short and long run!


Socialise 💃

Time flies when you’re having fun, right? Making the effort to build friendships and establish common interests can make the day go more quickly. Although we get nervous that other people will judge us based upon first impressions we make, the likelihood that they will actually judge us is very slim – we’ve all been new at some point and we all know nerves can get the better of us at times! Continue to be friendly and positive during your time at the business. It can make you more approachable and can help you to get involved with other projects that may not fall under your direct responsibilities.

For example, in some businesses there are little-to-no limitations with opportunities that you could get involved with. Imagine being in a Trainee Recruitment Consultant role and teaming with the Marketing Manager to suggest strategies they could adopt to reach your target audience more effectively and pull more candidates/clients in for you. Keeping track of extra projects you’ve been involved with works in your favour for the future. It shows you’re a flexible individual (great for any internal promotions) and can give you vital experience to put on your CV (ideal for any future employers to see).


Although a first day at a new job is daunting it is important to remember that people will support you! So remember to make connections, adopt new opportunities and experience personal growth!

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