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August 7, 2019

August 2, 2019

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March 28, 2018

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How Tech and Digital Innovation are Changing the Recruitment Landscape

April 25, 2018


You heard it here first: technology and digital innovation is going to change the way we recruit, forever. Over the last decade, technology has taken over every aspect of our lives. We communicate using smart phones, watch films on tablets, and soon we’ll be travelling around in self-driving cars. The invention of the mobile phone is one of the most disruptive innovations of all time, and paved the way for bigger and better changes in how we interact with the world. Now, get ready to experience recruitment going through the same evolution.


Worldwide Client Base


Gone are the days when recruitment focussed solely on getting jobs for people in your city. Thanks to technology like Skype and WhatsApp, recruiters can have clients from all over the world. Not only does this mean the number of potential clients has massively increased, but it also allows recruiters to make a difference to people’s lives on an international scale. From their base in London they can place candidates in jobs in the USA, China, Australia and beyond – not just your average day at the office.


Effective Marketing


Before certain technological breakthroughs, recruitment was done solely on newspaper ads and word of mouth. But not anymore. People now look for jobs absolutely everywhere, largely relying on the internet to fuel these searches. Recruiters can post roles on social media sites, on websites, on targeted adverts – all with the aim of finding the perfect candidate. They no longer have to hope that their ad will get in front of the right person, but instead use the technology to ensure that it does. This doesn’t make the job easy – finding candidates is just the start! – but it takes a certain amount of pressure off recruiters, knowing that there are steps they can take to advertise roles to the best people.


Getting the Right Fit


Personality tests and data analytics can assess whether an individual will be a ‘good fit’ with a business’s company culture. This process is revolutionary for the recruitment industry – the hard work that goes into placing a candidate is wasted if they realise they don’t gel well with the team, and struggle to fit in. Using these tests make the recruiters job a lot easier. Soon, you’ll be able to compare a candidate’s personality against that of a company culture, to see if they mesh well. This means a lot less wasted time, and a lot more finding perfect people.


Appealing to a Wider Audience


It’s easy to help candidates who directly come to you for help, but sometimes the best ones for the job aren’t the ones immediately in front of you. Technology allows recruiters to appeal to a wider audience, via social media, modern marketing strategies, and apps developed specifically for job searching. Peek Recruitment is an app that uses the swiping format of popular dating sites to match candidates with their perfect role. It is just one in a sea of apps who are working hard to help people find the next steps in their career.


Removing Admin


Recruiters spend a lot of their time looking through CVs – they’ve seen the good, they’ve seen the bad, and they’ve definitely seen the ugly. The problem is that this process is very time consuming. However, the technology now exists to sift through CVs automatically, scanning for the important data and ranking candidates in order. This leaves more time for recruiters to do what they do best – growing connections and creating careers.


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